About Us

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How We Came About

The idea for PRESQ CONSULTING evolved from the desire and experience of our founding members to seek out opportunities within their businesses to rescue (RESQ) projects or programs that were floundering.
By planning and implementing strategic initiatives aimed at transforming these projects, their ultimate result ended up being successes that were celebrated. We want to do the same for you.

Our Differentiated Approach

We approach consulting a little different than our competitors. We skip the fluff and get right to business by implementing our developed methodologies that are based on reflections of our industry backgrounds.
We have seen the multitude of challenges firsthand that is faced in industry and are here to help you avoid the pitfalls and resolve them proactively.
As ambassadors of execution efficiency, PRESQ will work with you to accelerate your product delivery and streamline your process ensuring it makes sense for you.

our values

What We Stand For

To best serve you, it’s critical we reflect certain values that drive
motivation in our daily activity.




Value Driven

Ready to take project
execution to the next level?